What is the ECWS?

ECWS is the acronym for the European Confederation of Watercolour Societies,

Founded in 1998 with the aim to internationally promote the art of watercolour painting and
the artistic activities of the ECWS member-societies and their associated artists.

Currently, the ECWS encompasses 13 watercolour associations from 10 EU member
states (Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain and
Sweden)m and nearly 5000 artists, professionals and amateurs.

More information at: http://www.ecws.eu/

What are the ECWS International Watercolour Exhibitions and Symposia?

Annually, the ECWS Watercolour Festival (which include an International Exhibition of
watercolours and, whenever possible, an open Symposium) is organised by one of its
member-societies. Collateral activities such as workshops and art lectures are always

Symposia are held for 3 or 4 days, and combine watercolour activities (painting
outdoors sessions, lectures, workshops…) with other cultural and touristic activities such as
guided tours of the host city or nearby places of artistic and pictorial interest.

The official opening of the International Exhibition takes place during the Symposium, and
the artworks are shown to the public for 3-6 weeks.

Since the first ECWS International Exhibition and Symposium held in 1998 in Mol
(Belgium), 16 Watercolour Festivals have been organised under the auspices of the
ECWS, the last of them in Genoa (Italy, September 2012) and Løten (Norway, August

The Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucía (AAA) was founded in 1989 with the aim of
promoting watercolour painting in Andalusia (a region of 8.5 million inhabitants located
in Southern Spain). During its nearly 25 years of existence, the Agrupación has become a
meeting and reference place for most watercolour painters and lovers in our region

Currently, it encompasses nearly 350 professional and amateur members grouped in 8
provincial delegations (with functional autonomy), and is governed by a Board
democratically renewed every two years. The Honorary President of the AAA is Her
Excellency Ms. Cayetana Fitz - James Stuart, Duchess of Alba.

The AAA organises the annual Encuentro Andaluz de Acuarela (Andalusian Watercolour
Encounter, late February), the National Watercolour Contest "Lucas Prado – Rincones y 
Patios de Córdoba" (late May-early June), and activities to commemorate the 
International Watercolour Day (November 23th). From 2008, it publishes an annual
magazine ("Watercolour information")

In its 25 years of history, the Agrupación has organised several national meetings of
watercolour encounters (Priego de Cordoba, 1996 and 1997, Granada, 1998 and 2000),
and 2 National Symposia and Watercolour Exhibitions (Alpujarras 1998 and Huelva 2001).

More information at:
AAA e-mail: acuarelistasdeandalucia@gmail.com

Why in 2014 and why in Cordoba?

In 2014, the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucía will celebrate its 25th Anniversary
(1989-2014). In 2012 , the Board of the AAA submitted a proposal to the ECWS Council to
organise the 17th annual International Symposium and Exhibition of Watercolour in

Cordoba is a monumental city of 330,000 inhabitants with a rich cultural life, strategically
located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River in the heart of Andalusia and well connected
by high-speed train, (AVE) to the international airports of Madrid (1 hour and 40 minutes), 
Málaga (50 minutes) and Seville (40 minutes).

Córdoba is the only Spanish city that has three World Heritage Site awards by
UNESCO: La Mezquita Cathedral (1984), the historical quarter around it (1994) and the
Fiesta de los Patios (the Courtyards Festival, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity in
December 2012).

In October, Cordoba is a pleasant city to walk due to its Mediterranean climate, with an
average temperature of 18.4 ° C, a maximum temperature of 31.6 º C and an average 
rainfall of 62 mm3.

Since its approval, the Córdoba 2014 project has received the enthusiastic support from
both the Municipalities of Córdoba and of Priego de Córdoba, and from other public and
private local institutions.

More information at:
Website of the Cordoba Tourism Consortium: http://english.turismodecordoba.org/

What is the initiative "Cordoba, European Capital of Watercolour 2014"?

Parallel to the celebration of the Cordoba 2014 Watercolour Festival, an inspiring public-
private partnership initiative has been launched in Córdoba during October 2014 to
complement this cultural event.

This initiative encompasses four additional first-class watercolour exhibitions, lectures,
public demonstrations and outdoors watercolour painting sessions, aimed to promote
watercolour painting in Córdoba and in the rest of Andalusia.

"25 years, 75 watercolourists", itinerant exhibition organised by the AAA to 
commemorate its 25th anniversary (Palace of La Merced, seat of the Provincial Council of

"Lucas Prado and his watercolour school” (in memory of former president of the AAA
and recognised watercolour painter, Lucas Prado Muela; exhibition halls of CajaSur-Ronda
de los Tejares and CajaSur-Reyes Católicos).

"Watercolour Gaudí Awards, 1985-2010", exhibition of the awarded artworks of this
prestigious national contest organized by the Catalan Centre of Córdoba and CajaSur
(Museum of Fine Arts of Cordoba).

"Watercolours of Spain", an exhibition of 35 works of contemporary Spanish watercolour
masters belonging to the Municipal Patronage "Adolfo Lozano Sidro" of the baroque town
of Priego, located 100 kms south from Córdoba (Carnicerías Reales, the former Royal 
Butcheries, Priego de Córdoba).

We hope that this initiative will convert Córdoba in the “European Capital of
Watercolour” during October 2014.

Who can participate in the “Córdoba 2014” International Watercolour EXHIBITION?

The 13 ECWS member-societies are invited to select an assigned number of art  works
among their associates. Individual artists participation is not allowed. 

The Exhibition will admit a maximum of 144 watercolours fitted to 3 standard sizes.

The “Córdoba 2014” ECWS International Watercolour Exhibition will open from October
09th to November 2nd ,  2014, at the Sala Orive exhibition hall.

Who can participate in the “Córdoba 2014” ECWS International SYMPOSIUM?

Any professional or amateur  watercolour painter or lover, whether or not an associate of
the 13 ECWS member-societies, is welcome to the Symposium. Individual artists 
participation in the Symposium is allowed and encouraged.

The official Symposium dates are from Thursday, October 9th to Saturday, October
11th 2014. However, in order to fit personal preferences, additional activities and
Symposium modalities have been scheduled: 

A three-day Pre-Symposium (from Monday, October 6th to Wednesday, October
8th 2014.

One-day After-Symposium extension(Sunday, October 12th 2014, taking advantage
that Monday, October 13th 2014 is a bank holiday in Spain).

What is the registration FEE for the International EXHIBITION and what does iinclude?

The registration fee for the International Exhibition is 100 € per art work (only one
watercolour per artist).

It includes the complete framing of the works (with an uniform wood frame, white neutral
matting and a transparent plastic cover), a personal copy of the official catalogue of the
exhibition and return shipping of works from Cordoba to the artist’s
ECWS member society headquarters by postal mail. 

The Exhibition registration fee does NOT include the shipping of works from the artist’s
society headquarters to Córdoba, nor any insurance for the art work.

What is the registration FEE for the International SYMPOSIUM and what does it include?   

   The registration fee for the official Symposium is 150 € per person (either artists or accompanying guests).

It includes: attendants welcome / check-in and documentation; a guided walking tour to the monumental centre of Córdoba; the admission to the lecture on "The Art in Al-Andalus" (in Spanish, with simultaneous English translation); the admission to the official reception and opening of the International Watercolours Exhibition; the one day tour to Priego de Córdoba (with lunch and bus travel); a nocturnal guided nocturnal visit to the Palacio de Viana; participation in the “Córdoba seen by the watercolourists" painting contest; a guided tour to the archaeological site of Medina Azahara (for accompanying guests) and the gala dinner.

    The Symposium registration fee does NOT include travel, accommodation and meals (except those above mentioned), nor extra /optional activities (nocturnal visit to the Mosque-Cathedral).

      The Pre-Symposium (Monday October 6th, Tuesday October 7th and Wednesday October 8th ,2014)  fee depends on the chosen activities by each attendee on an optional basis. We have scheduled 3 different watercolour workshops (50 € each) and an optional one day tour to Granada (including the Alhambra guided tour, lunch and bus travel, 100 € per person).

     The Day-after extension (Sunday, October 12th , 2014) fee is 60 € per person, and it includes an outdoor painting activity in Trassierra (20 kms away from Córdoba), lunch, bus travel and admission to the nocturnal light and sound show in the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

       There is an special “weekend Symposium” fee of 130 € per person for scheduled
     activities taking place on Saturday October 11th (the “Córdoba seen by the watercolourists" painting contest; the guided tour to the archaeological site of Medina Azahara for accompanying guests, and the Saturday evening gala dinner) and Sunday October 12th, 2014 (the outdoor painting activity in Trassierra, Sunday lunch, bus travel and admission to the nocturnal light and sound show in the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos).

       Is there a limit of participants for the Symposium?

   There is not a limit of participants. Any watercolour painter, watercolour lover and accompanying guest is welcome.

      How can I register?

    Registration for Exhibition participants and Symposium attendees (artists and accompanying guests) will ONLY be accepted through on line application forms hosted in the REGISTRATION TAB of this blog (below the blog headline).

      In the registration TAB, you can find two models of electronic application forms for both the Exhibition and the Symposium, one in English and another in Spanish.
     The application form for the EXHIBITION includes the artist’s name and contact details, your ECWS Society/Association, the title and size of your art work, and the sale price (or be marked Not For Sale).

    The application form for the SYMPOSIUM includes the name and contact details of the artist/accompanying person, your ECWS Society/Association (if any), your selected modality of Symposium participation (Official Symposium or the special “weekend” modality), as well as the optional activities (nocturnal guided visit to the Mosque-Cathedral, pre-Symposium workshops and one-day tour to Granada-La Alhambra , and the after-day extension).

       PLEASE NOTE that any Exhibition or Symposium registration be considered as DEFINITIVE until the Organizing Committee has received the bank vouchers for the corresponding Exhibition or Symposium fees sent by email to cordobaecws2014@gmail.com.

   Once had received the complete registration for the Exhibition and/or the Symposium (complete and correct electronic application form plus the bank voucher), the Organising Committee will send you a confirmation e-mail to your stated e-mail address.

   What are the DEADLINE dates for the Exhibition and Symposium and other important dates to remember?

      Before January 15th, 2014: confirmation of the number participating artists / art works in the Exhibition by each ECWS member society.
      Before March 15th, 2014:

     Registration of artists and art woks for the International Exhibition, and payment of the 100 € fee.

    Registration of attendees (artists and accompanying guests) for the Symposium, and payment of the corresponding fee according to the selected participating modality and extra / optional activities.

      Before April 5th, 2014: Art works for the International Exhibition received in Córdoba.

    Before December 15th, 2014: return of nor sold art works from Cordoba to the artist’s ECWS member society headquarters by postal mail. 

      What are the official languages ​​of the Symposium?

     The two official languages ​​are English and Spanish. For certain events, we will try to have additional translation into French and/or into Italian.

       Are meals included in the price of the Symposium?

      How can I find accommodation in Córdoba? 

Meals are NOT included in the Symposium fees except those above mentioned (see What is the registration FEE for the International SYMPOSIUM and what does it include?”)

      Córdoba has a wide variety of cuisine and restaurants offer. They can be accessed through the website of the Cordoba Tourism Consortium or through our Technical Secretariat, TEMPOTOURS VIAJES SL.

    Also, Córdoba has a wide and varied range of hotels, but it is advisable to book well in advance because the city it is a prime tourist destination and frequently hosts large conferences and meetings. In addition, the Symposium coincides in time with a long weekend because Monday, October 13th , 2014 is a bank-holiday in Spain.

    TEMPOTOURS VIAJES SL, the official Cordoba 2014 Watercolour Festival Technical Secretariat, has reserved rooms at 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels near the city centre at a special rate for the Symposium attendees, and participants may book accommodation though them. Otherwise, hotel accommodation should be booked directly by the participants, through the website of the Cordoba Tourism Consortium or the Internet.

      More information at:

      Website: Web: http://www.tempotours.es
      E-mail: tempotours@tempotour.es
      Phone: 00 34 957 484 883

      Website of the Cordoba Tourism Consortium: http://english.turismodecordoba.org/

      How can I contact with the Organising Committee?

  We will be happy to answer your questions and suggestions by email  cordobaecws2014@gmail.com