On Thursday 9th of October, 2014, took place the formal openning of the 17TH ECWS INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOUR EXHIBITION “CÓRDOBA 2014” in the “Casa de Góngora”, a XVIIth century house built around a typical Andalusian courtyard located in the historic centre of Córdoba.

But the Exhibition adventure began much before, in early January, with the selection of works by the 13 participating ECWS member societies among their artists, the sending of them to Cordoba and the framing work done at Sevilla...

The Exhibition was officially opened by Mrs. Amelia Caracuel, representative of the City Council of Cordoba; Mrs. Cristina Bracaloni, the current ECWS Coordinator; Ms. Sara Velasco, the Commisioner of the Exhibition, and Mr. Elías Cañas, the president of the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucía, the hosting ECWS society in this occasion.

The Exhibition harbours a total of 150 watercolours distributed in three large halls in the ground floor, one lecture hall in the first floor and in the balcony around the main courtyard. A superb variety of motifs, styles, techniques and formats in which is, probably, the most complete annual exhibition of contemporary watercolour in Europe.

As Elizabeth Tyler, a Swedish representative and participating artist wrote in her blog: “the exhibition as a whole shows the enormous diversity of the medium and 150 ways of painting with it. … Perhaps the fact that it is an international show makes it so inspiring and dynamic. There are paintings with strong colours and bold strokes, some with sensitive expression and some with intricate detail. Numerous styles, right from non figurative abstract to hyper realism, are represented.  .”.

All these artworks are collected in a high quality printing official catalogue with nearly 200 pages. Those who would like to purchase a copy (at the price of 15 € per copy + shipping costs via regular mail) are still on time by making their request by e-email to the Organizing Committee (cordobaecws2014@gmail.com).

The exhibition will remain open until Sunday the 2nd of November, 2014.

Thanks to all the 150 participating artists from 11 different European countries, to the Symposiun attendees, dignataires and sponsors, and to the City Council of Córdoba, who lent the "Casa de Góngora" for this magnificent cultural event.

Another way of building Europe through Art and Culture...