"Córdoba 2014"

On behalf of the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucía (AAA) and the European Confederation of Watercolour Societies (ECWS), I wish to welcome you to the 17th ECWS International Watercolour Exhibition and Symposium in Córdoba 2014.

In 2014, our Association commemorates its 25th Anniversary (1989-2014), and we think that the best way to celebrate it is to invite our European and Spanish friends, colleagues and watercolour lovers to enjoy a Watercolour Festival in the monumental city of Córdoba, in the south of Spain.

The choice of Córdoba as the venue for this event is not fortuitous. It is a middle size town of 330,000 inhabitants overflowing with monuments, art and culture, strategically located in the heart of Andalusia on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, with good communications with the main Spanish cities and with a pleasant Mediterranean climate in autumn. We hope that, within this setting, the intense and exciting program we are preparing will be of   interest and pleasure to all attendees.

During the X century, under the rule of the caliph Abd al-Rahman III, Córdoba was the capital of Al-Andalus and the most cultivated and populous city of Western Europe, and a model of coexistence of religions, races and cultures. This spirit continues today in the character of its people, friendly, cordial and culture lovers. Few cities may presume of having three World Heritage awards granted by UNESCO: the Mosque-Cathedral (1984), the historical quarter surrounding it (1994), and the Fiesta de Los Patios (Festival of the Courtyards, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since December 2012).

Its failed candidature to become the "European Capital of Culture 2016" well merits a second opportunity to this city, skilled in conjugating tradition and modernity. On this occasion, and at least during October 2014, Córdoba aims to become the "European Capital of Watercolour". This initiative has the support of all the major public and private institutions of the city, and will complement the 17th ECWS International Watercolour Exhibition and Symposium with other first-order exhibitions and watercolour activities.

Andalusia is a land of cultural encounter and fusion from remote History, and with that spirit , we want to WELCOME you to “Córdoba  2014” and look forward for your participation.

¡¡ Bienvenidos a “CÓRDOBA  2014” !!


Elías J. Cañas García-Otero.
President of the Agrupación de Acuarelistas de Andalucía.